Sexual Orientation DVD Training Package

Respecting Diversity: Sexual Orientation is a comprehensive training programme to help managers, teams and staff to recognise and address inappropriate and unlawful behaviour including Discrimination, Harassment and Victimisation.

Training works well if participants can relate to the material and the films within this training DVD are expertly constructed. They use realistic settings, believable characters and situations that people will recognise – in fact, the stories are based on real life experiences. The films are produced by an award wining filmmaker and the supporting materials have been developed in partnership with Stonewall.

This valuable diversity and equality training tool is presented in a combination of powerful dramatised scenes and documentary-style interviews.


What’s in the box?

The DVD Package includes:

  • An interactive DVD-video with 40 minutes of video content segmented into 4 x 10 minute scenarios; each scenario is in 2 parts.
  • A handy CD with PDF versions of all the training materials, allowing you to view, print or distribute as you require.



Instructor & Trainer’s Guide

The Sexual Orientation Instructor & Trainers Guide is designed and written by leaders in the field of diversity and developed in partnership with Stonewall. It is a comprehensive manual that contains everything you need to know to plan and deliver your training course in-house, including:

  • Comprehensive guidance notes to support you in running a training session
  • A self-study guide for people who already have a basic understanding of Diversity and Equality
  • Useful background information including  relevant laws, statutory regulations and a glossary
  • Slides, workshop exercises and participant handouts to support the learning

A PDF version of the guide is included in all packages, however, you can order a printed version if you prefer.

Want to understand the business benefits? Learn how it will develop awareness of diversity in your corporate diversity training.

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