Diversity training delivery in the workplace

With employment figures showing improving signs, there is now a greater emphasis on developing managers and staff in all areas of equality and diversity. This makes perfect sense in terms of equipping employees with the skills and knowledge to work smarter together, create an inclusive working environment for everyone and ultimately to provide excellent service to diverse customers and suppliers.

Interest in our in-house training solutions is showing a dramatic increase, with the banking and insurance sector, local authorities and education sectors taking the lead in delivering diversity training programmes throughout their organisations.

To address these requirements, we have developed a number of different solutions including:

  • In-house training sessions – delivered by an equalities expert with bespoke content written for your objectives
  • Train the trainer sessions – for organisations who have resources to cascade the knowledge to other staff
  • DVD Training Package – to enable your training team to deliver diversity training at a fraction of the cost of sending staff off-site
  • Online Learning Package – with all the resources you need to create your own course and share throughout your organisation, across boundaries

Recently, a housing authority commissioned us to deliver a series of 2 hour briefings for senior managers to understand the issues around sexual orientation. Once the business benefits were crystalised, they have since purchased our DVD training package so that managers and team leaders can deliver training to their staff.

For a local authority, we delivered train the trainer sessions to 20 managers who are currently transferring this knowledge throughout their organisation using materials we created for them.

Several colleges are currently offering their local business community equalities and diversity training courses using a combination of our DVD and Online Learning resources.

Here is some feedback from delgates on one of our training course.

If you would like some advice or further information on the range of training solutions to suit your training budget and objectives, please call Darren on 01296 630250.

Members of Stonewall’s Diversity Champion programme get a 15% discount on all of our training products. See more on pricing and ordering information.

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