Research supports Diversity Training in the workplace

Diversity Training DVD addresses how companies can be more inclusive towards their gay and lesbian employeesFollowing the implementation of new legislation equalities policy, the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community is now an aspect of staff training in local government according to research at the Universities of Newcastle and Huddersfield carried out by Professor Diane Richardson and Dr Surya Monro.

This important research charts the progress of equality measures introduced into local government following a raft of legislation which has obliged local authorities to develop equalities policies specifically focussing on sexual orientation.

Our diversity and equality training programme focusses specifically on sexual orientation in the workplace – and is a powerful tool that includes videos, e-learning modules and supportive training materials to enable local authorities to deliver training for managers inhouse. For organisations who don’t have the training resources inhouse, we provide a range of training courses that we deliver on your behalf. See more about our diversity training here.

Read more about the recent LGBT research here.

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