Theresa May addresses Stonewall Workplace Conference

Theresa May Addresses Stonewall Workplace Conference 2012Speaking at the Stonewall Workplace Conference in London on the 20th April 2012, the Home Secretray Theresa May said businesses could not afford to ignore the £70 billion-strong lesbian, gay and bisexual market, as she set out the ‘business case for equality’. Ms May said the government would continue to strive for equality, saying top employers ‘know that a company whose workforce better reflects their customers is better able to understand what their customers want and need – and that means greater sales and profits’.

The Stonewall Workplace Conference, supported by Barclays, gave 500 delegates from every sector of Britain’s economy a chance to hear from speakers including the Home Secretary, Sport Wales chair Laura McAllister, and Barclays Managing Director of Diversity and Inclusion Mark McLane.

Our video training programme, Respecting Diversity: Sexual Orientation, which is endorsed by Stonewall was on display at the conference for delegates to see.

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